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  • Hi Rick,

    I am a system admin -Windows , since lance 7 years,
    Now I want to upgrade my knowledge to Microsoft cloud products & powershell.
    I think powershell will be the future for Windows IT Guy.
    Am I on right way ? If yes please suggest me some easiest way to start with azure & powershell.


  • Rick,

    I met you at Ignite, you were kind enough to spend a few minutes discussing an Azure deployment that I was working and that conversation was a great help during the deployment for my company. I just traded my Surface Pro 3 in for a Surface Pro 4 and was wondering if you have any “My other computer is an #Azure Data Center” stickers? I was unsuccessful in transferring the one you gave me at Ignite from one Surface to the other. Thanks for all your help again with Azure. Hope to see you in Atlanta.

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