Tuesdays With Corey: More Depth on Azure Resource Manager Templates

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Windows Azure IaaS team takes us through WHAT Azure Resource Manager template are and why you should care about them. This goes much more in depth than the last ARM discussion / hackathon creating templates.

Some Resources:

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Debunking Azure Myths: Lack of a Robust Partner Ecosystem

A lot of myths and misinformation out there about what you can do with Microsoft Azure and what using Azure is like. I figured it was time to debunk some of these myths by talking to the engineering team to see what they have to say.

MYTH: Azure Lacks a Robust Partner Ecosystem

People say there is not a lot of partner interest in working with Azure and that our Marketplace does not have a lot of offerings.  I tacked down Bryan Surace, Principle PM on the Azure IaaS Team who works with the partners to get them on boarded.

Check out the Azure Marketplace on Azure.com to view over 3k products you can use in and with Microsoft Azure.  If you are a partner and would like to have your product included in Marketplace, check out the resource page for more information on how to partner with us.

This is the first in a series of post about Debunking Azure Myths. Stay tuned for the next episode.

Did you catch these awesome announcements from Microsoft Ignite?

There was a deluge of announcements that came out over the last week or so, covering everything from networking enhancements, security, architectural changes and declarative file deployment.  What are the ones I feel will have the biggest impact on your life as an IT Pro? Here’s my Top 5.

  • Azure Resource Manager now supports Compute, Storage, Networking and More. This will probably be your biggest change you will need to address.  No longer are you going to have to have long PowerShell scripts to create your deployments of multiple machines, custom storage accounts or tricky networking rules.  Now it’s all contained inside declarative json files that will allow you to use a single line of PowerShell code, referencing that file in order to build your Azure infrastructure in parallel. Technically this was announced at /build – but it was explained in more depth for the IT Pro audience during Microsoft Ignite.  I did an interview with Mahesh Thiagarajan on the Channel 9 Live Stage during one of the breaks where I asked him what the impact would be for IT Pros.

  • Bring the power of Azure into your Datacenter with “Microsoft Azure Stack”.  Yup – you will be able to bring into your own datacenters much of the same code base as Azure.  Remember those declarative files I described above?  You can deploy those same templates to your own infrastructure when you’ve implemented Microsoft Azure Stack. You’ll get the same experience as the Azure Resource Manager that lets you create and manage applications using declarative templates, apply RBAC rules, and tag resources.  I had Mark Russinovich and Jeffrey Snover on to talk about this concept:

  • Just how small is too small?  It’s never too small.  It’s taken years to get Jeffrey Snover’s pet project to where it could be publically discussed just before /build.  In my opinion, Nano Server stole the show at build – it blew people away.  But it was kind of a tease.  You had to have access to the bits.  Well at Microsoft Ignite – you got them, and the instructions on how to build your own custom micro sized server operating system based on the public Tech Preview #2.  My good friend Joey Snow sits down with Jeffrey on the CH9 interview stage.

  • There were a slew of Azure networking announcements that took place, I’ll group them together here loosely.  Things that caught my eye in the networking space? User Defined Routes gives you granular control of the traffic between machines and network infrastructure in your subscription and it’s hybrid connectivity (even ExpressRoute connected networks). ExpressRoute Premium offerings with unlimited access to OTHER azure regions as well as site-to-site VPN for failover scenarios. Lastly – with these changes comes the ability to support various3rd party software appliances to do things like Intrusion Detection, load balancing, custom handling, proxy and more… Want to know more details? Distinguishd Engineer Yousef Khalidi has you covered with his blog post.
  • One thing that made a splash at the end of the keynote on day one was a new “IT Management as a Service” style offering called Operations Management Suite.  It’s available to preview today and light it up on your on premises systems, cloud based systems, AWS servers or VMware servers – doesn’t matter where they are.  It delivers inner peace and heterogeneous cloud management.  Think of our years of management experience now put into a cloud services where you don’t have to maintain the underlying infrastructure. Once you sign up and deploy the agents – you will instantly start to get more insight into issues with your systems and guidance on how to resolve it.  We had Pierre Roman talk with Joseph Chan – principal program manager about what it means to IT Pros who are used to on-premises System Center.

As you can see – I’ve only given you my five top announcements and cool things for IT pros. We captured a bunch of them on the CH9 live interview stage – I’ve posted the relevant videos here in this post – but there are many more. Some were live streamed during the event – but a number of them are exclusive to those who discover them on CH9.

Go check them out!

Tuesdays with Corey: Corey’s top 6 Azure Pics from Microsoft Ignite

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Azure Compute team takes us through his top 6 Azure sessions from Microsoft Ignite.

6) Getting Started with Microsoft Azure IaaS
5) Evolve Your Network Infrastructure for Microsoft Azure Connectivity
4) Taking a Deep Dive into Microsoft Azure IaaS Capabilities
3) Update on Azure IaaS – Interview with Corey Sanders
2) Deploying and Running Linux and Non Microsoft Solution Stack on Azure
1) Windows Server & System Center Futures—Bring Azure to your Datacenter

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Countdown to Microsoft Ignite: The missing blooper reel

During the filming of various episodes of “Countdown to Microsoft Ignite”, your hosts (Rick and Joey) never knew when the cameras were rolling. Now that the event is over, we thought you’d enjoy seeing a short clip on some of the funnier out-takes.

Thanks for joining us on this journey to Microsoft Ignite in Chicago. We hope to see you next time!

Stay up to date on all things Microsoft Ignite:

Tuesdays With Corey: Live from Microsoft Ignite

Corey and I had a change to kick off the Live Stream for Microsoft Ignite interviews from the Channel 9 desk. We decided to make the interview a Tuesdays with Corey episode.  Check it out below!

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What’s in your TechBugoutBag for Microsoft Ignite?

Always fun packing. Amplify that when it comes to packing for a conference. I lay out all my stuff to make sure I don’t forget anything ever since I forgot that ever so important “thing-a-ma-jig” a while back.  This time I decided to take a picture and share it here with my inventory list.

WP_20150430_21_53_03_Pro 2

Inventory List:

  • Magnetic Gorilla stand
  • Lumia Camera grip for 1020Nikon D90
    Nikon 70-200 F2.8
  • Promaster 17-50 F2.8
  • Rox strap
  • channel 9 stress toy
  • 12 protein bars
  • Nikon dual battery grip
  • 2 pairs Sennheiser wireless lav mics
  • Roland R26 digital recorder
  • Misc audio cables
  • Actiontech WiDi adapter
  • Energizer AA charger
  • Female Mic cable
  • Handheld mic
  • Logitech presenter clicker
  • Plantronics 620 bluetooth speakerphone
  • short RJ45 cable
  • Kindle paperwhite
  • Surface bluetooth mouse
  • Misc USB cables
  • 4 AA eneloop rechargeable batteries
  • Voltmate 5 port USB charger
  • 1 128GB Ironkey W500 Windows-to-go stick
  • 2 64 gb USB3 sticks
  • Bose QC20 noise canceling headphones
  • power for Asus Zenbook
  • power for surface pro 3
  • mini-vga adapter and ethernet adapter for Asus
  • Mini-DVI Cablematters vga/hdmi/dvi converter
  • lenovo usb Ethernet adapter
  • Monster 4 port travel power strip
  • led flashlight
  • custom fitted earplugs
  • 2 multi-head screwdrivers
  • Huawei Mobile LTE WiFi hub
  • 2200 mAh portable battery
  • leatherman Skeletool CX
  • Kensington laptop lock
  • 3 sharpies
  • 10,000 mAh RavPower dual usb charger
  • misc stickers (channel 9, PatchAndSwitch, RicksterCDN, Azure)
  • Surface Pro 3, i5 128gb
  • Nokia Qi charger
  • Screen wipes
  • Asus Zenbook

That’s about it – spread across my main carry bag, camera bag and checked luggage.

What’s in YOUR TechBugoutBag? Post a picture!



Thursday with Corey: Azure Resource Manager VM Templates Hackfest

Hey – It’s Conference month – we’ve got Build in SF and Microsoft Ignite in Chicago – we decided to bump Tuesdays with Corey to a Thursday with Corey this week.

Corey Sanders, Principal PM on the Azure Compute team takes us on a tour of a recent HackFest to create Azure VM Templates using the new API.

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Can’t make it to Microsoft Ignite? Here’s the details on the LiveStream

On a recent countdown show, we talked about the general format of the Live Stream. I thought it deserved a little more detail and highlights on the schedule.  Since I’m not presenting at Microsoft Ignite this year – my way of contributing during the event centers around this livestream.  I’ve been working overtime with my team to get the right people into the interview chair.


First off: WHERE do you catch it? simple. http://ignite.microsoft.com

Need a reminder? Here’s an ICS calendar reminder for ya.

WHAT is going on? Well – since the conference is just around the corner, I can share MOST of the details of what will be in the livestream. Some things I still can’t share, others I can’t give you too much granularity as of yet. Sorry – that’s just the way it is for now. 😉

Day 1 – May 4th.

This is the highly orchestrated day where we’re trying to hit new audiences with a new level of production Microsoft livestream broadcasts have seen before.  A whole lot of moving parts (some are still moving) in order to bring you the following:

  • Keynote Pre-Show
  • Mainstage keynote
  • Post-Keynote discussion
  • CH9 – Inside Identity and Deployment for Windows 10
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Jeff Woolsey on the Microsoft Datacenter Platform vNext
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – View from the Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich
  • Keynote Pre-show
  • Showcase Keynote
  • Post-Keynote discussion and Wrap

Day 2 – May 5th

We’re hitting the Channel 9 Stage for the remainder of the conference. There will be some cool “recaps” that are produced / pre-recorded from the day before and a couple of folks you might know setting the stage and kicking things off with a cuppa coffee.

  • Daily Welcome / morning show
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Corey Sanders and an update on Azure IaaS
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – The Endpoint Zone LIVE with Brad Anderson
  • CH9 – Containers on Windows, Azure and beyond with Taylor Brown
  • CH9 – Sharing Protected Information
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – SQL unplugged with Scott Klein
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – All Things DevOps with Donovan Brown
  • “hot room” session

Day 3 – May 6th

  • Daily Welcome / morning show
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Microsoft’s Security and Assurance strategy in vNext with Anders Vinberg
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – <redacted – sorry>
  • CH9 – <redacted – sorry>
  • CH9 – Lead Architect’s vision on Server vNext with Jeffrey Snover
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Microsoft Azure technology introspective with Mark Russinovich
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Microsoft Intune and Mobile Application Management
  • “hot room” session

Day 4 – May 7th

  • Daily Welcome / morning show
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Microsoft’s Storage Strategy & Capabilities in vNext
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Microsoft’s Networking Strategy & Capabilities in vNext
  • CH9 – The Patch and Switch Show LIVE
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Identity in Azure Active Directory
  • “hot room” session
  • CH9 – Linux and Open Source in Azure
  • “hot room” session
  • Microsoft Ignite recap

Day 5 – May 8th

  • Daily Welcome /Recap
  • “hot room” sessions

Cool Stuff to do in Chicago During Microsoft Ignite

As part of the Countdown to Microsoft Ignite show, Joey and I got a chance to do a whirlwind tour of Chicago.  We took along a camera crew and filmed at 25 different locations ranging from breweries, museums, restaurants, bars, public parks and coffee joints. This was an awesome experience organized by one of our colleagues (Denise) who handles (among other things) the community experience during Microsoft Ignite.

These videos have been sprinkled over 6 countdown shows.  I highly recommend you watch the whole series of countdown shows, but if you are JUST looking for things to do – I decided to compile a list with links AND direct video snips of each location.


Restaurants / Places to Eat

Ginos East Deep Dish Pizza (Click For Video)
Twitter: @ginoseast

Portillos (Click For Video)
Twitter: @PortillosHotDog

The Berghoff Restaurant (Click For Video)
Twitter: @BerghoffChicago

Breweries and Distilleries

CH Distillery (Click For Video)
Twitter: @CHDistillery

Goose Island Brewery (Click For Video)
Twitter: @GooseIsland

Revolution Brewery (Click for Video)
Twitter: @revbrewchicago

Lagunitas Brewery (Click for Video)
Twitter: @lagunitasbeer

Ultimate Coffee

La Colombe coffee (Click For Video)
Twitter: @lacolombecoffee


Tavern on Rush (Click For Video)
Twitter: @TavernOnRush

Roof on the Wit Bar (Click for Video)
Twitter: @ROOFontheWit

Paddy Longs (Click for Video)
Twitter: @PaddyLongs

Buddy Guys Blues bar (Click for Video)
Twitter: @BuddyGuys

Rockit Bar and Grill (Click for Video)
Twitter: @rockit

Things to do:

Magnificent Mile (Click for Video)
Twitter: @TheMagMile

Art Institute of Chicago (Click For Video)
Twitter: @artinstitutechi

John Hancock tower and 360 Chicago experience (Click For Video)
Twitter: @360chiviews

River Architecture Tour (Click for Video)
Twitter: @CFLCruises

Millennium Park (Click for Video)
Twitter: @millennium_park

The United center (Click for Video)
Twitter: @unitedcenter

Science Museum  (Click for Video)
Twitter: @msichicago

Second City Comedy Club (Click for Video)
Twitter: @TheSecondCity

Wrigley field – The Cubs (Click for Video)
Twitter: @Cubs

Navy Pier (Click for Video)
Twitter: @navypier

If you made it this far – you might want the list of the episodes these all came from:

I hope to see you at the event! If you see the GreenHat – stop and say Hi !